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Hi, I’m Sarah, a Raw Food and Lifestyle Coach, and I will help you to transform your health, life and wellbeing by integrating more raw foods into your busy lifestyle.


Raw Wellbeing offers a holistic, ‘no rules’ approach to raw food. I understand that creating a healthy lifestyle isn’t all about the food, and that your daily routine and activities, stress levels, emotions and mindset all play a part in your overall wellbeing. Creating a balanced lifestyle that you enjoy living is the key to sustainable health and happiness.


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Self Care Strategy Session

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  • A 90 minute discovery session where we will assess your current health and lifestyle, review your health goals, identify challenges, and set clear action steps that you can take immediately to help you feel better than ever before.

Raw Wellbeing Coaching Package

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  • A 3 month coaching package completely tailored to you that takes a holistic view of your life, health and wellbeing. With weekly coaching calls, handpicked recipes, meal plans, and email support to help you reach your goals.


Blueberry Kale Smoothie Recipe

Green smoothies are my favorite breakfast food, and this combination of blueberries and kale is simply divine. The thought of drinking kale might make your stomach turn but when you pair greens with a sweet fruit like blueberries you’ll be surprised at how good... read more

How to Create The Perfect Morning Routine

I never used to be a big morning person, but since I changed my routine I am now excited to get up and going in the morning. There is no one size fits all formula to creating the perfect morning routine, but there are proven practices that are guaranteed to help you... read more

Welcome to Raw Wellbeing

Hey! My name’s Sarah and I’m so happy you’re here. I create Raw Wellbeing as a hub for all things health and wellness and I am so passionate about sharing his lifestyle with you. Watch the video below to get started and discover how I can help you... read more